Security Camera Reveals Who Attacked Man’s Beloved Inflatable Reindeer

No amount of CPR or duct tape could revive poor Rudolph, says Dave Lester. The other morning, he woke to discover his “Rudolph laying on the ground unresponsive” outside his Lake Tahoe home.

His poor inflatable reindeer lay deflated on the ground, a sad contrast to Lester’s other intact inflatable decorations. Who could do such a thing!

Lester’s Ring cam video would reveal the culprit:

“Upon reviewing my Ring cam video, it appears that a hungry Tahoe Bear was not in the Christmas spirit,” Lester revealed on Facebook. “RIP Rudolph. He was only 2 years old.”

Maybe the bear really thought he could get a meal only to be disappointed. But Lester doesn’t harbor any ill feeling towards the bear. In fact he ended up auctioning off the inflatable on eBay to help conservation efforts for the bear through Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care and the BEAR League of Lake Tahoe.

“We love our Tahoe bears no matter what they do,” Lester later told the Dodo. “We live in their habitat. They were here long before us. The bear has probably walked by the reindeer 30 or 40 times and never attacked him. It’s definitely a rare occurrence, but it’s just part of living with wildlife.”

It’s not the first time a bear has taken a dislike to an inflatable reindeer. Check out the hilarious video of this bear taking on a “deer” twice his size.

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