Goats Living In Garage With No Place To Graze So Happy To Finally Be Free

When Scott and Steve with Fuzzy Muzzy Farm Sanctuary in New Mexico came across an individual selling two goats they knew they needed to rescue them. Scooby and Shaggy stayed in a tiny one-car garage next to the highway every day. The goats had nowhere to graze or exercise and were stuck in the garage. The farm animal rescuers were worried that the goats would be sold for meat.

Scott and Steve approached the owner and said they wouldn’t pay for the goats but would offer the animals a wonderful life on their farm. The owner agreed and told them the goats were “mini” goats but when Scott and Steve arrived to pick up the animals they got quite a shock. There wasn’t anything “mini” about them. In fact, Scooby weighs upwards of 200 pounds! But that didn’t dissuade them from rescuing the pair of goats.

The moment Scooby and Shaggy got let outside at the sanctuary they had a lot of energy to burn. For months, any time they were let out of the barn they would run around.

Scott and Steve began to notice that Scooby is quite the character and very smart. He has his own unique stretch they call the “Scooby Stretch” because he puts his front legs up on the wall and then bends his neck back in what looks like a yoga “Camel Pose.” He also figured out how to open the barn door because he realized that they prep his food ahead of time so he tried to get in early for a second breakfast! The solution was to they had to add a second lock to the barn door.

With his constant antics and loving personality, Scooby is quite the addition to Fuzzy Muzzy Farm Sanctuary. “We get a lot of laughs from Scooby,” the rescuers said.

People watching the video are laughing too and grateful that Scooby and Shaggy have a loving home.

“What a pair of adorable weirdos, farm animals deserve rescue just as much as any other, domestic, wild or otherwise,” said one viewer.

Another wrote, “Scooby!! He’s a character, an entertainer. Thank you for rescuing and adopting the neglected, the caged, and the unwanted. Hope you got the grant from the person that didn’t understand why goats need rescuing. Bravo gentlemen! (Love is all that matters).”

“What beautiful, intelligent animals!! Thank goodness you rescued them,” said another. “They are sooo happy to be with you. Thank God people like you exist.”

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