Very Pregnant Pittie Rescued From Shelter With Less Than An Hour To Spare

A very pregnant Pit Bull was just 47 minutes away from being euthanized at a shelter when Lisa swooped in to save her. The animal rescuer knew the shelter was overcrowded and didn’t hold dogs past 3pm so she frantically began searching for a foster. Thankfully, she found one in the nick of time; Karla, who has several dogs of her own, agreed to foster the dog.

Lisa emailed the shelter to tell them Karla was on her way to pick up Mama Stormi (as they named her) and she made it there in time. When Karla arrived, shelter staff led Mama Stormi out and the sweet dog was so heavily pregnant that she could only waddle slowly out the gates of the shelter.

Mama Stormi quickly adjusted to life in Karla’s home and they all got ready for the approaching big day.

Despite the comforts of home, Mama Stormi was definitely uncomfortably pregnant but it didn’t take long for her to give birth to eight healthy babies!

Even though the pittie is a bit of a baby herself (only being around a year old), she became the best mama. She was protective of them and she never neglected them. She was also happy to have Karla nearby helping her out and giving her comfort. When it finally came time to adopt out the puppies, Mama Stormi turned out to be the first one to find a home! She now gets to live out the rest of her days as a family dog all thanks to the second chance Lisa, Karla, and their supporters gave her.

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