Kind Hiker Helps Save Dehydrated Stray Dog Stranded On Mountain

Recently, a Good Samaritan hiking in the mountains near Phoenix Arizona when he saw a pair of amber-bright eyes staring out at him from a small nook off the side of the path. When he looked closer he was shocked to see that it was a dog. The tanned dog was the same color as the dirt, so she was almost completely camouflaged by the surroundings. The man could tell something was wrong with the poor pet because she wouldn’t move and refused to leave the den so he called the Arizona Humane Society for help.


The man waited with the dog for two hours until the rescuers arrived. The sweet dog didn’t want to come out of her makeshift den and they determined that she was grossly dehydrated. She also had torn paw pads, no doubt from scrambling on the desert hill. One of the Humane Society workers noted that the dog had likely been out on the mountain for several days given her condition and would likely have died that very day if the hiker hadn’t spotted her!

Bright Eyes, named by the man who found her, was too weak to walk, so they decided to carry her down. She was “an absolute angel” while being lifted. 

Once Bright Eyes arrived at the shelter she got treated for her dehydration. No one came forward to claim the dog and it’s unknown how she got where she was. Shortly afterwards, the shelter shared some very happy news. Bright Eyes has been adopted into a loving home!

@azhumanesociety Happy Gotcha Day sweet girl!❤️ #adoptionstory #dogadoption #shelterdog #dogrescue ♬ Stargazing – Myles Smith


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