Man Saves Matted Dog At Shelter For Three Years And Gives Him His Life Back

Bruno Jelovic didn’t really think too much about dogs until he rescued a French bulldog named Mia. But she had such an influence on him that five years later, he started “Save the Dogs” and began rescuing dogs from a city animal shelter in Bosnia. 

Every time he goes, he looks for the dog in the worst shape. But that’s a challenge. Animal control rounds up thousands of street dogs and brings them to the shelter. 

But Bruno noticed one dog’s eyes pleading with him to take him away. Borac was just one of 1200 dogs packed into the small space. He had been neglected for three years, and it showed. The dog was covered from head to toe in dirt, mud, and matted fur. 

It took hours to cut and shave Borac down and reveal the dog underneath. But Borac could finally stand upright again after being weighed down by 14 pounds of matted fur. Bruno could see the relief in the dog’s eyes. One of Bruno’s goals with the dogs he rescues is to restore the their pride and Borac was on his way to getting his back.

Later, after going to Bruno’s ranch, Borac got to see the pack — dogs all rescued from the city shelter. But the difference here is that they are well looked after and are fed, given medical care, loved, and free.

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