Groundhog Caught Munching On Vegetables From Man’s Garden Ends Up Bringing His Whole Family

Six years ago, Jeff began noticing chunks missing out of his garden vegetables, vegetables he had put in a lot of love and effort to grow for himself and his friends and family. So he put up a surveillance camera to see what he could find out.

Shortly after, his phone got an alert. When Jeff looked, out of nowhere this groundhog popped up in front of his camera munching on his vegetables. The groundhog had a lot of swagger.

Jeff immediately started to try and come up with ways to thwart the groundhog. But no matter what the groundhog would pop up right in front of the camera enjoying the vegetables. Jeff gave up the moment the groundhog ate the big juicy tomato that he had been reserving for himself.

When Chunk brought his girlfriend Nibbles, Jeff noted his harvest was going down. Then a year later he saw the baby “chunks.” He knew then that his animal neighbors were going to need their very own garden. So that’s what Jeff and his family did. And six years on, Jeff is still feeding Chunk, his many children and grandchildren fresh farm grown vegetables.

The animals give Jeff and his family so much joy. Jeff says it’s just a family taking care of their family just like he does his.

Needless to say, with so much “wholesome” material, Chunk the groundhog now has his own social media channels and many other family fans. Jeff plans on writing a children’s book about Chunk too, because no one can have enough of Chunk the Groundhog.
Jeff gives more of a run-down of the story of Chunk on Chunk’s YouTube channel. You can watch that video here:

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