Great Dane Hilariously Caught Stealing Uncrustable Snack

When the dad of Bub the Great Dane noticed a tasty uncrustable (a sealed crustless sandwich much like a pie or pasty) had gone missing from the table he came over to check with Bub suspecting the dog might have something to do with its disappearance.

Bub is sitting on the couch looking very nonchalant and innocent and doesn’t have a clue of what his dad is talking about when he asks “Did you steal the [chicken] uncrustable?”

Not getting a response from Bub, dad decides to lift up Bub’s jowls and…

Lo and behold there, sitting in Bub’s mouth, is the breaded treat!

“What are you going to do with that?” asks Dad. Bub lifts his paw out for a handshake as if asking for his dad to congratulate him! Dad continues to question Bub. Is he going to spit it out or hold onto it? When Bub starts munching down it’s pretty clear the funny dog is giving his dad the answer to that question. Dad can’t help but admonish Bub, telling his pupper “You’re so bad.” But he’s also so hilarious too!

Viewers couldn’t help but notice that Bub’s attitude was not one of remorse or guilt. One viewer knew what Bub was thinking and that was “I regret nothing.” Bub reminds us of a dog named Saban who hid his mom’s sandwich in his mouth.

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