Dog At Shelter for 587 Days Gets Very Special Freedom Ride to His New Home

A shelter dog waiting two years for a forever home went to his new home in style. Chester had been at Ohio’s Euclid Animal Shelter for 587 days looking for a family and he finally found one. So when it came time for Chester to go to his new home, he got a warm send off from staff and a private limo ride!

Chester was rescued from a terrible situation. He had been found chained to a window with three other dogs in a vacant house and believed to have been abandoned for over a week, Kyrie Brickman, the shelter’s kennel manager told FOX News 8.

“Chester was completely skin and bones; the dog couldn’t even lay down. He had his paw stuck in a prong collar, and he was a mess. He had to be carried out after a little bit because he could not stand,” Brickman told the news channel. Chester also was heartworm positive.

Chester when he was first discovered by rescuers. Euclid Animal Shelter

“He absolutely was so relieved to see people and to be honest, I don’t know how much longer he would have lasted,” she said. Chester slowly recovered. He gained back his weight and strength in the first year at the shelter. It wasn’t until nearly a year after that, that Chester came to the attention of Lauren Reitsman who fell in love with the dog.

Chester in the limo. Euclid Animal Shelter

The shelter shared a video of Chester’s unique freedom ride. He got a row of cheering fans walk him to the limo for his ride, which was donated by Lake Erie Limo. Inside the limo, Chester got to open some gifts and then he was greeted by Reitsman to start his new life!

Chester settled in right away. Euclid Animal Shelter shared on Facebook that “We already received an update from his mom who says he is already snoozing from his big day! She is making him his favorite meal tonight, and that is meatballs!”

The shelter was extremely thankful to “everyone involved in making his dream come true of finding his very own forever home!” They added, “Our hearts so so full We will forever miss seeing Chester, but we couldn’t be happier seeing him thrive and begin this new chapter!”

For Reitsman, she said of adopting Chester, “I think I won the lottery.”

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