Raccoon Brings Her Babies To Meet Woman Every Single Year

When Brittany moved into her new house she got the feeling someone was looking at her and she was right. That someone turned out to be a raccoon she named Roxie. Wondering why the raccoon kept showing up at her door, Brittany asked the previous owners who told her that yes, they had fed the raccoon. “They weren’t kidding,” Brittany said after Roxie gently took a cracker from her hand.

“You really shouldn’t feed wildlife,” she added, but Roxie was already human dependent and Brittany soon became friends with Roxie. Roxie now sits and hangs out with Brittany. The rest of the time she lives in the woods surrounding her house. At one point, Brittany realized that Roxie might be pregnant.

Since then, every year Brittany has a litter and brings her babies over to show Brittany. When Brittany had her own child she returned the favor. The two mothers trust each other and it’s sweet that Brittany continued to care for the raccoon after the previous owners left.

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