Service Dog Brings Toy Pluto Over To His Favorite Disney Character In Heartwarming Video

A Golden Retriever named Forest has a favorite Disney character and while on a special cruise with his mom, the service dog was delighted to run into him. Forest got to meet Pluto and is so happy to see him that he runs over to the costumed performer and rolls onto his belly. Not only that, but Forest was carrying his favorite plush toy of Pluto too!

Ashton McGrady shared a sweet video of Forest meeting Pluto on the cruise ship on her TikTok Channel and captioned the video, “Proof that distance won’t keep the very best of friends apart we love you Pluto!!!” The video quickly captured the hearts of dog lovers and got millions of views in just a few weeks.

@radiantlygolden proof that distance won’t keep the very best of friends apart ❤️✨ we love you pluto!!! #servicedog #servicedogteam #disneytiktok #disneycruiseline #disneycruise #hostedbydisney ♬ Best of Friends – The Hound + The Fox

Ashton later told PEOPLE that Forest has a half a dozen Pluto toys and the pair have met other Plutos at previous Disney events but this one was extra special.

“He carried it over to the greeting, and Pluto actually took the toy from him, stuck it in his mouth, and was fully on the floor playing with him. It was just the most wholesome, sweet moment,” she said.

She later shared another video with some adorable photos including the one with the costumed Pluto holding Forest’s toy.

@radiantlygolden Replying to @Me & Lou We definitely did! Maybe we should frame these? #servicedog #servicedogsoftiktok #servicedogteam #disneycruiseline #dogsoftiktok #hostedbydisney ♬ You've Got a Friend in Me – Lauryn Evans

Ashton has had Pluto since 2020 and said, “I’ve always said that I’ve never had a dog like him. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a dog like him in the future. He is just a very silly, happy-go-lucky kind of dog. And so, so loyal and loving.”

Part of Ashton’s focus on her TikTok channel is on helping to educate people about service dogs. Forest and Ashton’s three-night cruise, which was part of Disney’s Creator’s Celebration, got a lot of interest.

Forest is a pretty happy dog when greeting other Disney characters too. Ashton shared another cute video of Forest meeting Mickey Mouse and feeling comfortable enough to have a short nap with the “mouse.”

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