Every Foster Kitten Falls In Love With Maternal Pit Bull

A very pregnant Pit Bull was rescued from a shelter just days before she was going to be euthanized and now is a doting surrogate mom to foster kittens. Ginger was scheduled to be euthanized when Susan Hicks rescued her and took her home. Ginger gave birth to nine puppies and all of Ginger’s puppies found homes. When it came time to adopt out Ginger Susan realized she couldn’t give the dog up. She also realized that all the cats that she fostered gravitated to Ginger. Ginger has a quiet, calm maternal energy that makes all the kittens fall in love with her, even the ones who are older and not sure about a dog.

As for Ginger, she’ll let the kittens nurse on (athough she doesn’t have any milk). She keeps them clean and she knows when they have to be fed. She also watches Susan feed them. In all the years Susan has been fostering kittens, she says that not one single kitten has not succumbed to Ginger’s motherly ways. The “Ginger magic” is real, she says. Ginger has had a lasting impact on the kittens’ lives too as they have often been adopted into homes with dogs and other animals.

Ginger has also changed Susan’s life. Not only has she established Today Tomorrow Forever Animal Rescue, she says that rescuing Ginger and fostering has changed the course of her life.

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