Adorable Rescue Dog Only Eats After He Gets a Kiss on the Forehead

Badger the rescue dog has a peculiar but sweet mealtime routine. Before he eats, he needs to get a kiss on the forehead. Sagar Jha, who was petsitting Badger while their family was away, decided to compile a video of Badger being a good boy and surprise them when they got home. He posted the video to TikTok where is quickly got over a million views.

“Pov: The dog you’re dog sitting only eats once he gets a forehead kiss,” reads the text on the video.


♬ Scared To Start – Michael Marcagi

The Chihuahua, Dachshund, bully mix got into this adorable routine, Jha says, as a way to help him get comfortable with strangers getting close to his face and in his personal face. “So, in order to make that go away his owners trained him to sit, wait, and get a kiss on his forehead before he ate dinner,” Jha told Storyful.

TikTok viewers loved seeing Badger’s dinner habit. “My pup does the same thing! If both my fiancé and I are home, she needs a kiss from everyone,” said one viewer. “So pure,” wrote another. “I used to be a pet sitter and if given these instructions I would have sobbed from the cute,” someone else wrote.

Quite a few dogs develop routines around meals. Dunkin the dog has a peculiar dinner routine. He wants his food “microwaved” before he’ll eat his kibble. And Luna won’t eat unless her food is “baked” in the oven. And Sparky the Corgi has his own unique Kibble Dance when it’s dinner time.

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