Stray Dog Hit By Car Rolls Over For Belly Rub When She Sees Rescuers

An injured stray dog had a heart-melting reaction when she saw her rescuers. Henry and Sydney responded to a call about a small dog who had been hit by a car in Ensenada, Baja California. The dog named Nemo didn’t appear hurt when they first approached her. Instead she rolled onto her back and asked for belly rubs. But when the couple looked down they could see her badly injured leg. Upon lifting her up, Nemo’s leg just dangled crookedly.

But Nemo took her rescue all in stride, despite the pain she was in and gave her rescuers a big smile in the car! At the vet, they realized she needed surgery to repair her leg. While she waited for surgery she went into foster care with The Animal Pad. Mia, another dog rescued after a car accident, instantly loved Nemo and would bring her her toys during her convalescence. The pair began playing and have been best friends ever since!

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