Raven Makes Amazing Sound Greeting Woman But Has Another Kind Of ‘Hello’ For Veterinarians

Poe is a raven who arrived at the American Eagle Foundation after he injured his wing. Unfortunately, the wing didn’t heal well so he now calls the rescue in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee his home.

When Ashley, one of his caretakers, comes to say hello, Poe makes the most amazing sounds. She says that the raven has a lot of different vocalizations. He even has a way to tell the veterinarians to go away!

They make sure he has a lot of games and puzzles to play throughout the day to keep him mentally stimulated. He even has his own basketball and net!

Poe also loves to forage by shredding paper and cardboard, especially when Ashley puts treats in the paper.

Dog toys also make it really interesting for him to dig out treats.

“The corvid family is known to be the smartest bird group on the planet. Their intelligence is believed to revival a 7 year old child. Many species within the corvid group have been observed using sticks as tools to forage for food sources that need extracted from hidden places such as logs and soil,” the group writes on Poe’s Instagram page.

Poe is definitely sometimes naughty like a kid. One time he hid his “basketball” from Ashley because he wanted to shred it. He sure keeps the staff on their toes!

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