Lonely Retired Racing Greyhound Finds A Home After 5 Years Waiting

Flash was a racing greyhound up until 2015. He finished racing and was ready to start a new chapter in his life but he spent the next five years in a shelter by himself, just waiting. Then in 2022, he got adopted but he ended up being returned to the kennel three weeks later. Thankfully, Flash’s rescuers reached out to a family who had adopted two other senior greyhounds and they agreed to be his forever family.

“He really looked sad,” his mom said of when Flash first came home. It was a big change for an 11-year-old dog and he was very scared of all the new people and things. It took him three weeks to come into the living room. But he’s learned to love his new home and loves his family. And he’s discovered a love of toys, so much so that he loves hoarding them and sitting with them surrounding him. He’s also known to take the TV remote now and then.

Watch how Flash opens up to his new family and his new life in the video below:

Flash’s family adore him too saying, “He’s perfect…he never needs to feel alone again.”

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