Sweet Pit Bull is a Different Dog When Her Grandparents are Around

Radley is a typical high-energy pittie when she’s with her parents. She zooms around, needs lots of playtime and is rambunctious. But with her pawparents she’s a completely different dog.

When grandma comes over for a sleepover, Radley can’t wait for grandma to wake up. She will wake up much earlier than usual (waking her parents) and push one of her communication buttons to tell her mom and dad what’s on her mind. She presses the ‘I love you’ button while impatiently looking up the stairs to see if grandma is awake and coming down. How cute is that?

Radley is also so calm and patient with grandma and grandpa and is always curious what they are doing. With her parents, not so much, which causes a lot of confusion for her parents. Why is she so naughty with them and so sweet with her pawparents?

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