Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Releases Previously Unseen Funny Photos To Announce Opening Of Competition

Every year, the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Competition accepts entries from photographers around the globe. And every year, the photos make millions of people laugh and smile. With this year’s competition now open for entries, they shared some previously unseen photos from last year’s competition and they’re adorable.

There’s a pair of grizzly bears sharing a joke photographed by Sidra Monreal Burshteyn.

Sidra Monreal Burshteyn/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Atsuyuki Ohshima says of his photos of Japanese macaques, “Just as humans have manners of worship, monkeys have monkey manners of worship.”

Atsuyuki Ohshima/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Alex Pansier caught a grumpy gannet in Helgoland, Netherlands. He titled the photo, “If looks could kill.” The moment appears to be a jealous bird. “This comical photograph captures the complex social dynamics of the avian world, as two gannets are lost in a tender moment of affection, seemingly unaware of the camera,” says Alex Pansier. “In the background, a third gannet looks on with envy, its jealousy evident in its piercing gaze. This image serves as a lighthearted and amusing reminder that even the animal kingdom is not immune to the dramas of love and heartache.”

Alex Pansier /The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Alvin Tarkmees took this photo of a “tough guy” northern goshawk from a hide in Estonia.

Alvin Tarkmees / The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Anna Wiazowska said of her photo, “I was shooting bee eaters taking off and landing on the branch. Only when I checked my photos I found this little gem – the annoyance combined with resignation on the birds face when he’s smacked in the face makes me laugh every time.”

Anna Wiazowska / The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Emeline Robert-Pottorff captioned her photo of an otter like a card, “I just think you’re otter this world!” She shared, “I took this photo last July during my trip to Morro Bay, California. I went to Morro Rock, the main landmark in the area, and saw a raft of about twenty to thirty sea otters very close to shore. I felt so lucky to be able to see them in the wild and I spent many hours over several days observing them, although they spent most of their time sleeping! While most of the otters were sleeping, this one was awake and rolling around in the water. It looked like the otter was looking directly at me and striking a pose for the camera!”

Emeline Robert-Pottorff / The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Francis Glassup took this photo of a penguin who looks like he’s lost his head. But its just tucked back.

Francis Glassup / The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

“Hooded Capuchins are social animals, but when they come across a tree with ripe fruit, they rush to pick the sweetest candy,” said photographer Jo De Pauw. “The expression on the face of this youngster reveals that she did something that mommy doesn’t like much.”

Jo De Pauw / The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

A Steller sea lion is feasting but seagulls lurk nearby in this image entitled, “Sea Flyin'” Michael Rigney wrote, “Cruising the Inian Islands in Southeast Alaska we see lots of carnage. Steller Sea Lions feasting on fish ripped from the depths by tides and currents in these famously tumultuous seas. The gulls stick close by to help clean up the messy eaters and this one lined up perfectly.”

Michael Rigney / The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Tímea Ambrus shot this photo in Hungary and wrote, “One late summer day, a ground squirrel began to collect dry grass in preparation for hibernation. During the busy work, he got tired and took a nap.”

Tímea Ambrus / The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Comedy Wildlife Photo Competition is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and to mark the special occasion they have partnered with Nikon. Submit your wildlife photos and video before July 31, 2024 at:

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