Couple Go To Dollar Store For Ice End Up Taking Home Dumped Dog

A Texas couple decided to stop at the Dollar General to get some ice and ended up rescuing an abandoned dog. Dog rescuer Kristin Erwin and her husband regularly help the many stray dogs around their neighborhood. But on this particular day they had simply planned to pick up some ice at the Dollar General when a dog out front of the store ran over to greet them as they got out of the car.

The dog was so friendly and said hello to everyone. Kirstin sat with the dog on the curb for a bit and realized that she couldn’t leave her there.

The store clerk told Kirstin that the dog had “been at the Dollar General for a week and half, take her! So we did.”

And Shortcakes, as the dog is now named, was eager to go too. She followed Kirstin and her husband to the car without a leash and jumped right in. “She is the sweetest girl and jumped right into our van. No hesitation,” said Kirstin.

Shortcakes gave them licks from the back seat and wagged her tail the entire time. She continued to wag her tail as she was brought indoors and given a much needed bath (she was smelly.)

People watching the video of Shortcakes are so happy for her. One viewer wrote, “Best trip to Dollar General EVER!!!!” Another viewer wrote, “It looks like they kept her puppies and dumped her. She’s so sweet.”

Their trip for ice has ended up being a wonderful lifeline for Shortcakes.

Kristin, who runs StreetHeartsTX, provided an update on Shortcakes after a visit to the veterinarian. She wrote on TikTok, “Shortcakes is happy to be off the streets. She wasn’t microchipped and doesn’t appear anyone is looking for her. We gave her Nexgard for fleas and took her to the vet for vaccines, ProHeart6, Heartworm test and spay. Unfortunately she tested positive for Heartworms and will have to go through the same lengthy treatment our other foster dogs are going through.”

“I saw all the concerned comments about us possibly leaving puppies behind and asking if we searched for the puppies. Shortcakes was not nursing, she was pregnant and we chose to spay abort. Unfortunately we have hundreds of homeless puppies and pregnant street dogs roaming waiting for someone to help. They are suffering and dying due to no fosters, no adopters and it doesn’t make sense to force Shortcakes to add more when there’s not enough homes. If a dog can be safely spayed, that’s the route we have to take.”

“She is the 357th dog we’ve taken in to our home,” Kristin continued. “If you don’t live here or foster the amount of dogs we do, it can be hard to comprehend how bad it is. Angry, upset? Me too, become a foster home today.”

Shortcakes will undergo heartworm treatment for around three months after which she will be available for adoption. To support Shortcakes’ treatment, visit StreetHeartsTX’s GoFundMe here. In the meantime, she’s loving all the attention she is getting and being spoiled as you will see in the video below. Shortcakes has such a happy, friendly disposition we’re sure she will make whoever adopts her very happy too!

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