Two Little ‘Ragamuffin’ Dogs Hiding at a School are Finally Safe

For two days a pair of matted stray dogs lurked around a school in California. A teacher at the school reached out to her friend, animal rescuer Suzette Hall and founder of Logan’s Legacy 29. Hall headed out to come and rescue the two dogs when her van broke down but she did not let that deter her from her mission. She’d just arrive a little late.

While her van got repaired, the school’s janitor took the lead to begin the rescue and had managed to usher the two scared pups into the restroom, which was a great help.

Hall arrived at the school a few hours later and took a look at the bedraggled dogs. “I honestly could not believe it when I saw them, Hall wrote on Facebook. “They had dreadlocks and [were] so dirty…The looked like two little [ragamuffins].”

The two dogs huddled in the school’s restroom. Photo: Suzette Hall

Hall’s friend had given the two dogs her lunch, which they ate except for her broccoli. “There was broccoli everywhere, they were so picky. Apparently they don’t like broccoli,” Hall noted with humor.

The two pups didn’t want to be handled and ran under the restroom’s stall to escape Hall where they grumbled at her.

After a bit of effort, Hall was able to get them safely into her trap. The male and female dog were quickly relaxed. “[The] sweet babies were so tired, they fell asleep in my trap,” Hall wrote. “They could finally sleep…they knew they were safe.”

Hall was grateful to the janitor and all the teachers who had kept an eye on the dogs and taken care of them. Once she had the dogs in her van, Hall drove them to Camino Pet Hospital and named the dogs Maggie and Mack.

The two dogs fell asleep on their way to the vet.

The two dogs don’t appear to have any health issues except for their grimy appearance so the two were quickly given a complete makeover and shaved down. Hall wrote, “Layer by layer we will [help them] put the past behind them.”

The two dogs are currently in foster care and will be put up for adoption soon. Visit Logan’s Legacy 29 to see the current dogs available for adoption.

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