Pittie Too Spooked To Walk Upstairs For The Funniest Reason

As this sweet Pit Bull climbs up the stairs he looks at his mom with his eyes expressing true concern, if not terror. But what has got this Pittie so spooked? Well, it has to do with something lurking upstairs…kitty kitty!

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A cat is perched at the top of the stairs and is looking down on the scared dog. It’s almost as if the cat is bemused by the fear she invokes in the poor pup. The dog’s mom tries to encourage him not to worry by gently telling him it’s all right and “it’s just the kitty kitty.” But the dog isn’t so convinced and hesitates to take mom’s word for it. We don’t blame him!

As his mom captioned the short TikTok video, “His eyes…he knows the kitty’s true power…we all do.”

Viewers agree. One commented, “Cat looking down like: try it, tubs. Try it.”

Not only do cats often block dogs from climbing stairs they steal their dog beds too! Just take a look at these cats leaving their canine buddies out in the cold.

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