Woman Saves Shelter Dog With Rare Terminal Genetic Condition To Give Him Good Life

Winslow came to the shelter and was going to be euthanized that very same day. The tiny two-pound dog had been found a stray but likely dumped. Winslow had breathing issues so luckily a volunteer brought him home and saved him from being put down. Gabby picked him up later that day. She recognized that Winslow had Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI, a terminal genetic condition that affects a dog’s stature and causes issues everywhere in the body. Gabby had previous experience with the condition with another rescue dog of hers.

Despite his tiny size and health issues, Winslow had a tenacious and confident attitude and he loved to cuddle all the time. Gabby’s other dogs were very gentle with him and saw him as “wonderful” just like she did.

Winslow was 3 years old when he passed away. Sadly for Gabby she revealed she lost her son on the very same day. Viewers of the video couldn’t help but be moved by Gabby’s experience and the care she gave Winslow.

“Aww that last comment about him passing a year to the day after losing your son… my heart felt heavy. What an amazing loving woman you are,” said one viewer.

“I’m so sorry for the loss of Winslow and your son. You are a good kind person, and thank you for caring for Winslow when he needed you. And when you needed him,” wrote another.

The tiny sweet dog would not have lived at the shelter but thanks to Gabby he knew love and family.

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