Hooded Crow Helps Hedgehog to Cross the Street

A driver in Ogre, Latvia slowed down to let two wild animals cross the road and witnessed a kindness they weren’t expecting. A hooded crow is seen trailing behind a hedgehog as it makes its way across the street. But the hedgehog seems to be moving slowly and freezing in place so the crow pokes him to help get the hedgehog across and out of harm’s way.

Whether the crow is behaving benevolently is not clear but it is unusual that the hedgehog, normally a nocturnal animal, is walking around in daylight. It could be that the hedgehog is sick and in need of more help, which makes the crow’s actions even more kind. One viewer, who has a hooded crow as a pet, commented that crows “are very altruistic they actually will help or even feed other animals, he even tries to feed me if I’m hungry lol. Animals are just as diverse and emotionally intelligent as us.”

Another viewer noted, “Crows are the smartest birds. This one obviously knows what happens on roadways and wanted to help the hedgehog escape certain death….It is a good thing for the hedgehog that the intelligent and caring crow came along to prod it toward the edge of the road, even trying to coax it up off the road, so it would be safe. Those negative people who think the crow is being mean and trying to aggravate the hedgehog aren’t paying attention. If it really wanted to be mean, it would attack much more fiercely, peck at the head and eyes, and keep up the attack even after it crossed the road. The crow is A HERO! (btw, I have raised pet crows, and I know quite a bit about their nature.)”

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