Clever Bird Uses Piece Of Bread As Bait To Catch Fish Only To Get Rudely Interrupted

What started off as just a bird carrying a piece of bread turned into an unusual wildlife encounter for a couple picnicking in a park. A Striated heron decided to make catching fish easier for itself by using a piece of bread to try and lure fish over. Unfortunately for the heron, another bird almost thwarts his carefully thought through plan…

The heron’s fishing enterprise was captured on camera in Flamboyant Park, Goiania, Goias, Brazil. “My husband and I went for a picnic in the park, and this bird started passing in front of us with a loaf of bread in its beak,” writes the woman who witnessed the unusual wildlife moment. “I decided to record it to see what would happen. The bird simply started fishing with the bread. He put the bread in the water and took it out, putting it in and taking it out, probably to get the fish’s attention.”

That’s when a duck paddles along and grabs at the bread. “When you least expect it, a duck comes and steals the piece of bread,” she writes. Fortunately for the heron, there was still a morsel in the water.

“But there was still a small piece of bread left in the water. It was then that the bird took the remaining crumb and managed to catch the fish and swallow it in front of us,” the woman explains. “I was shocked because I didn’t know this species, and I had never come across such a situation.”

So, in the end, the clever heron’s fishing yielded results!

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