Grandma Drops Everything To Rescue Overweight ‘Chonky’ Cat

A grandmother in Virginia took on a big, obese cat and is giving him the best life. Patches was 42 pounds when he arrived at Virginia’s Richmond Animal Care and Control. They instantly identified him as the largest cat they had ever rescued. Stunned, they immediately posted pictures of the “chonky” cat to social media.

“Did you wake up today and say, ‘let’s adopt the largest cat anyone has ever seen?’ If so, we have the cat for you,” they wrote in the post. “Until then, we will marvel at his gloriously gluttonous body!”

Patches’ photo went viral and Kay’s daughter immediately texted her to tell her about Patches. Patches took Kay’s breath away and she knew immediately she wanted him so she reached out to the shelter. She set up a meeting and was stunned and delighted when they agreed she could adopt him. Within just a few hours of Patches arriving at the shelter he was getting ready to go home with Kay. The one problem? She didn’t have a cat carrier big enough to fit him!

Kay shares more about Patches’ fast adoption and his weight loss journey in the video below:

Upon bringing Patches home, Kay’s grandchildren were ecstatic! Bella, her Yorkie, also loved the new family addition. Wellesley the cat would take a few days to warm up to Patches but soon he would become integral to Patches exercise routine!

Working with her veterinarian, Kay got Patches on a routine diet and would play with him five times a day. When he first arrived home he could only take a few steps. But with dedicated playtime and siblings encouraging him to move, Patches soon could stand up to eat, lick his fur and begin jumping up on things. Almost a year later, Patches is now 25.5 pounds and is a very happy cat!

You can read more about Patches when he first arrived at the shelter here.

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