‘Chonky’ Cat Who Is Off-The-Charts Large Finds A Home Within A Day

Meet Patches. He’s a shelter cat with a lot to love. And by “a lot” we mean he’s a lot of cat. That’s because he’s the largest cat Virginia’s Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) has ever seen at their shelter.

The giant cat was recently surrendered by his owner because they could no longer care for him. The “chonky” cat weighed in at an astounding 42 pounds. But despite his obesity, Patches is remarkably healthy RACC said.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC)

Patches might not be a lap cat for a while, though, as he needs to lose a lot of weight. He really should be around 15 to 20 pounds.

A popular “chonk chart,” a weight chart for cats, puts Patches in the dark red zone of “Oh lord he comin” the category beyond “megachonker” which indicates Patches has roughly 65% body fat.

Wanting to find Patches a home, RACC posted a photo of him on their Facebook page to see if anyone would be interested in adopting the extra large cat.

“Did you wake up today and say, ‘let’s adopt the largest cat anyone has ever seen?’ If so, we have the cat for you,” they wrote in the post. “Until then, we will marvel at his gloriously gluttonous body!” the shelter added.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC)

Within a few hours, Patches’ post went viral with a ton of interested adopters reaching out to the shelter.  Within a few hours he had found a home!

Patches’ new mom will keep Patches on the RACC’s prescribed healthy, weight loss diet. She and Patches were all smiles before he left the shelter.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC)

Patches’ new mom did need a little extra help carrying him out of the building. But we’re pretty sure Patches will be sprightly and healthy in the near future now that he’s found a loving home.

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