Two-Year-Old Boy Shares Sweetest Friendship With Rescued Bird Named Russell Crow

A wild crow named Russell waits every day for his favorite person to get home from school. That person? A toddler named Otto. The two are best friends. They watch TV together, go on walks together and play together.

Russell Crow grew up with Otto after he was found on “death’s door” by Otto’s father. Russell was a fledgling who was injured and abandoned. Otto’s mother, Laerke Luna Jensen, says that when they contacted a wildlife rehabilitator they were told to “let nature take its course.” They decided the baby crow should have a fair chance and brought him home to take care of him.

Russell immediately was interested in Otto and Otto was interested in the bird. One day, Otto walked right up to Russell and wanted to touch him and play with him and Russell let him. To this day, Otto is the only one in the family who can pet Russell. And the crow is very protective of Otto and keeps an eye on the young boy anytime he’s home.

When Russell was fully grown the Jensens released him into the wild but he never ventured too far from their home. He likes to visit the family and he is always welcomed. They consider him a wild bird now but when Russell sees Otto he comes by to visit and spend time with his friend.

There is a new rule of no petting and touching so Russell can integrate fully back into the wild and it is going well. But we think Russell will always remember the family who saved him.

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