Bear Cub Loses His Cool On Giant Inflatable Reindeer

A wild bear took on a giant inflatable reindeer only to find the experience exasperating. Donna Hargett had noticed a mama bear and her cub around her Monrovia, California neighborhood before. But on this occasion she ended up laughing at what she captured on camera.

The very determined bear cub was attacking the inflatable holiday decoration on her next door neighbor’s house.

At first the cub lunges for the giant reindeer’s neck trying to get a chokehold. When that didn’t work he goes “full beast mode” as his mother watches on. It looks like he might have subdued the air-filled deer but no, it bucks back.

Eventually, the youngster gives up, likely disappointed he won’t be getting a huge holiday meal. Mom will probably have to tell her youngster he’s got the right idea, but it’ll be more work.

The video has delighted viewers who shared their thoughts.

“That reindeer put up a good fight. It didn’t even look like the bear was able to deflate it,” commented one viewer.

“Well, that will cost the owners a few “Bucks”, joked another.

One person likened the bear’s experience to his own, noting, “It’s like the equivalent of me opening a bag of lays only to get mostly air.”

And another viewer of a more Grinchy temperament wrote, “This is the best way to deal with those annoying decorations. We need more bears like this!”

Here’s an interview with Hargett describing more of what she saw.

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