Tiny Rescue Puppy Loves Bossing Her Foster Siblings Around

When Lily Mouse, an 8-week-old Chihuahua/Pekingese puppy, was rescued by PAWS of Austin she had a deformed leg and a severe (Grade 4) heart murmur. But within a week’s time she has become a playful dog. She really doesn’t realize she has a disability. She’s happily bonding and playing with her two giant doggie foster siblings Moose and Bear. And she’s getting so confident that she keeps the two dogs from coming inside the house. They know who’s boss!

Lily Mouse’s rescuer said that Moose and Bear are very respectful of Lily Mouse and are “showing her the ropes.” She’s less fearful around the pair and that’s helping her become a well socialized pup.

Lily Mouse doesn’t let missing a leg stop her from going on the walk together.

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And she loves playing with Moose.

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Soon, she’ll be ready for adoption. You can visit pawsofaustin.org for more details.

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