Two Women Who Have Been Friends For 20 Years Discover They Are Sisters

Paula Blanchard and Heather Barker have been best friends for 20 years. But recently they got a huge surprise when they discovered they are also sisters.

Recently, Blanchard took a DNA test to find her father. She didn’t immediately discover Barker was her sister. That would take a backwards, twisty turn or two.

Before they found out, they met through mutual friends. Their families got along really well and they shared barbecues and went on vacations together. The two women noticed they did similar things. For example, each of them named one of their children Taylor (before they were close enough to share these details with one another.)

But when Blanchard got serious about finding her biological dad a series of events came together until she suddenly realized she had a half sister…Heather!

Blanchard and Barker sat down and told the story to CBC News and shared how they are “beyond happy” about it.

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