Stray Dog Refuses Rescuer’s Help But Two Weeks Later Walks Through Her Door

When a stray dog showed up at the home of an animal rescuer she thought she would try and save him, but he rejected her help. Then, one day, he completely changed his mind. Prue, with Mission Paws’ible in Bali, spotted the stray dog roaming around the outside of her house. She greeted the stray dog she named Jake with an open hand. But Jake just growled and snapped at her and wouldn’t let her get close to him.

He kept running away into the bushes so she brought her dog Murphy along with her to see if he would help make Jake more trusting of her. But Jake continued to run away. Prue brought more of her pack outside to try and show him that she was friendly to dogs. But no, it still didn’t work. Then Jake disappeared for two weeks.

But Jake returned and he surprised Prue by showing up at her door and walking right in with his tail wagging! “You can’t make this up” says Prue of Jake’s miraculous change of heart. She adds, “He was like ‘yep, I’m ready’.”

Prue says that Jake was very accepting of humans from then on. He went from a dog who wouldn’t let her touch him to one that would let her do anything. Even though Prue was quite emotionally attached to Jake, Jake found a wonderful family and he’s not got friends and family and the most incredible life.

One viewer of the video humorously commented, “He went for a two week journey of self discovery and realized Murphy was right all along.” What’s so wonderful is that Jake did figure out and take a chance that Prue could help him and it resulted in a wonderful happy ending!

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