14-Year-Old Pit Bull Rescued From Shelter Gets His Swag Back, Loves Howling At Fire Trucks

A 14-year-old Pit Bull is loving life after he was rescued from a shelter. Larry the pittie went through such an amazing change that his foster mom said “it felt like he was aging backwards.”

Lucy brought Larry home thinking he would be a hospice foster after Jessica, from I Stand With My Pack, reached out to her. At the shelter, Larry was having difficulty with his back legs and they didn’t know how fragile he would be but the moment Lucy brought Larry home he changed very quickly.

He was “very sparky” after just a few days and began to enthusiastically join in with any activity.. He has the cutest habit of howling at fire trucks and howling and tap dancing while waiting for his breakfast. He was loving every moment. That’s when they realized that maybe Larry was adoptable.

Lucy and her partner quickly fell in love with Larry and wondered if they should keep him because he didn’t have any “takers” for months after he was placed up for adoption. But then Tara and her husband reached out to them. She has 7 senior dogs and wasn’t looking to adopt but when she saw Larry she knew Larry belonged in her pack. They welcomed Larry home with a big dog party on his adoption day which was just before Christmas.

Since being adopted Larry has gone on a ride in a fire truck and loves absolutely everything. Tara adds that “he’s got the grandpa swag” that makes everyone love him. People literally run over to meet him. Talk about a happy ending!

One viewer of the video summed up Larry getting his second wind well. The viewer wrote, “Oh my goodness, I’m crying. Don’t tell me LOVE can’t make an old dog decide that life is NOT over for him. Just to have someone care enough…just enough.”

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