‘Miserable’ Stray Dog with Matted Fur and Broken Teeth is All Smiles Now

A dog roaming the streets in Las Vegas covered in a dirty, matted coat is getting a much needed makeover and medical treatment. When rescuers with Animal Angels Rescue Foundation (AARF) first saw the dog now named Blythe running around they couldn’t tell what sex he was or if he had two eyes. They filmed the poor dog lumbering around scrounging for food.

AARF shared in a post on Facebook on Mar. 19 that someone in their community reached out to them about Blythe and thank goodness they did because Blythe was not doing well.

He went immediately to the vet and he was so severely dehydrated they put him immediately on fluids. “After his sedated shave and bath and nail trim and anal gland expression and thorough exam and bloodwork and fecal, vaccines, he was weighed at 15 pounds,” AARF revealed. “Immediately he felt better, after all carrying all those heavy mats was tiresome and they hurt. The mats were so bad, you couldn’t tell his gender until after his shave…He was miserable.”

Animal Angels Rescue Foundation (AARF)

The poor fellow, estimated to be around 2 years old, had urine burns and his back teeth were a mess from whatever he had been “munching on outside” because the teeth were cracked and broken. But thankfully he went into dental surgery to have them removed a few days after his rescue.

Animal Angels Rescue Foundation (AARF)

But first, he went to his foster home where he just couldn’t stop smiling. “He was a little scared and confused leaving the vet today but once he went into his foster’s home and met the other dogs and kids, that smile on his face is permanent,” AARF said, sharing pictures. “He is one very happy kid! I’m sure he is relieved never having to live outdoors like that again…”

Animal Angels Rescue Foundation (AARF)

Now neutered and free from the painful teeth, Blythe is looking forward to a pain-free life. “We are so very proud of him and how he is adjusting after all he’s been through. The resilience of a dog,” AARF wrote. The rescue group said he will be available for adoption when he is ready. They also are asking for donations given Blythe’s care was expensive. “We know times are tough and if you can spare anything, we would so appreciate it and if you can’t, will you share? As before, with any of the single $100.00 donations for Blythe, it will be matched.” To donate visit: www.aarflv.org

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