Lioness Tenderly Teaches Tiny Cubs to Climb Tree In Sweet Video

Michael Moth, a guide at MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa, captured this amazing video of a lioness teaching her cubs how to climb a tree. In it, Michael is taking a group out when he hears the sound of the mother lion. The group quietly approaches the calls and spots three adorable lion cubs playing with each other. Their mother is perched in the tree above them and she lets out a gentle low-toned call to coax her babies up to her. The cubs scramble over to her and call back to her and again the lioness encourages her youngsters to climb up. It seems like quite a challenge she’s setting for her cubs, who are just a few days old! Watch the incredible moment in the video below:

Lions aren’t usually known for climbing trees, but they have been known to sometimes steal a kill of a leopard. It appears this mother is intent on teaching her cubs at a very young age. One cub manages to climb right up to his mom and she seems to give him a lick as a reward for a task well done.

Michael told that eventually the cubs climbed down having “learnt a valuable lesson that may one day help them in their lives of survival.”

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