Dad Catches Heartwarming Moment His Little Girl Finds Her Lost Cat After Two Months

Anyone who has a pet knows the tremendous heartache that comes if they go missing. Equally so, is the joy you experience if that pet is found safe. That’s what happened in this heartwarming video which captures the exact moment a girl is reunited with her lost cat after two months of searching.

In the video, the young girl is out driving with her dad looking for their cat. The girl must have spotted a cat in the distance at a school ground because she runs to the gate where she begins calling out “Mama Sita.” In response, the cat meows loudly and runs over to her. As the cat gets closer both the girl and cat cry out for one another until…back together at last!

Dad shared the heart-melting moment in the TikTok video below:

@juan_aguilar13 #para las personas que me piden el video original sin música#denle me gusta #gracias ♬ sonido original – &❤️EL TEMERARIO&

They are finally reunited and the girl clings onto the cat as she carries her back to their awaiting father. Looking at the girl’s face and listening to the way the cat meowed, their relief to have found one another is palpable.

If you or someone you know loses a dog, here are some helpful tips to aid in the search.

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