Young Elephant Sprays Water At Lion After Being Surprised At Well

An elephant comes for a drink of water, unaware there is a lioness resting on the other side.

In this unusual animal encounter filmed at Kruger National Park, a young elephant approaches a well, eager for a drink. The lioness is woken from her nap and sees the elephant as he approaches but it’s too late to run away so she hides behind the well.

The young elephant doesn’t see her but he catches a whiff of something and lifts his trunk in curiosity. But not seeing any danger he begins to drink from the well.

It’s all going well for the lioness and the elephant. The elephant is contentedly reaching his trunk into the water until suddenly he catches sight of the big cat. He’s so startled he sprays her with water! It’s the elephant equivalent of spitting out your drink in surprise.

Frightened, the elephant makes a big roar and chases after the lioness. The roar the elephant makes when he realizes he’s been watched is something else. But he looks pleased with himself at the end when he scares the lion away.

lion and elephant at well

One viewer observed, “It’s funny how it’s all a big misunderstanding that they can never explain to each other; for the elephant it’s ‘hey, I came for some water, what are you doing here?’ and for the lioness it’s ‘hey, I’m trying to sleep, what are you doing here?'”

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