Workers Hilariously Panic When Friendly Pit Bull Shows Up To Play

Construction workers fled to “higher ground” when they were surprised by an unexpected visitor. A friendly Pit Bull created a moment of panic for the construction crew at a restaurant when he showed up out of nowhere looking to play.

Filmed in Rodnia, Brazil, the Pit Bull apparently escaped from a neighbor’s house and “wanted to play with our team members who weren’t having it at first”.

Uncertain if he was friendly, the men are seen on video climbing onto a countertop to get to safety.

In the footage, the men are talking in the lobby of the building when they stop dead in their tracks when they notice the dog heading towards them. They scurry away the moment the dog comes through the door and are tripping over themselves trying to get away from him.

It’s clear to the viewers that the dog is pretty friendly – he’s wagging his tail the entire time he follows after them. At one point, the dog puts both his front paws on the counter to get closer to the men.

It takes a minute, but the men finally realize the dog is just there to say ‘hello’. That’s when they break into smiles, laughing at themselves and end up giving the good doggie pets and attention.

Watch the funny moment for yourselves in the video below.

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