85-Year-Old Woman Was Living With Chronic Back Problems For Decades, But Then She Started Yoga

Back problems that cause chronic pain are experienced by many people. Sometimes, the back pain is caused by bad posture. Many people can develop chronic back problems from office work, while others suffer from pain due to accidents or aging.

85-year-old Anna Pesce had been coping for decades with constant pain caused by a herniated disc, scoliosis and osteoporosis that left her largely immobile and wheelchair-bound. Despite visiting numerous doctors, chiropractors, back specialists and acupuncturists, they were unable to help improve her back and the pain persisted.

That’s when she decided to try something she could do on her own and began yoga therapy. At first, the lessons were painful for her. The poses were difficult, but as she progressed her body became stronger and more agile. Within two months, Anna underwent an incredible transformation. She could straighten her back and “stand tall” once again! Watch more of her story in the short video below.

Yoga therapy and stretching can have such positive benefits!

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