Turkey Chases Boy Down Street, Drivers Come To The Rescue

There’s a feathered bully in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, that is causing quite a stir. Known as “Smoke”, the turkey was recently caught on camera chasing a young boy down the street. It was up to bystanders to help save the boy from the wild bird.

One motorist caught the incident on camera and lent a hand, but said that stopping Smoke proved more of a challenge than anyone thought. The driver told Viralhog:

“I was driving home from school when I spotted a turkey chasing a kid returning home from school. This turkey, Smoke, is known in the community and is even the official ‘mayor’ of Ashwaubenon.”


“I turned to follow it and as traffic was near stopped on the road, I took out my phone to record it. That is when you can see a car cut it off. I also then did the same that that car did and another car followed so now there were three cars on the wrong side of the road. The turkey simply ran around our cars.”


Talk about a wild turkey chase! But Smoke wasn’t done yet. He continued to chase the boy. That’s when another motorist came to the rescue (not seen on on the video).

The videographer explains:

“Then, a greenish suburban pulled up and opened the door give the kid safety. The kid got in and the turkey waited outside the car. I followed the suburban to make sure the kid was dropped off at home and he was. The turkey remained in the middle of the road and did not move.”

We’re guessing Smoke’s “mayoral” status gives him some kind of favor with the local authorities, otherwise we’d say the bird would have run “afowl” of the law by now.

Watch the video clip in the video below.

This isn’t the first aggressive turkey caught on camera. In Falmouth, Massachusetts, a gang of unruly turkeys chase after mail carriers!. Watch that video here.