Chimpanzees Have Unusual Reaction When Man Shows Them His Prosthetic Leg

When people visit the zoo they are there to observe the animals. But as this short video shared by a UK family reveals, sometimes the animals observe us back.

A man with prosthetic leg visiting a chimpanzee enclosure with his family shows his leg to the chimp closest to the window. The chimp is so shocked he immediately calls over his friends to take a look too and their reactions are something to see.

The third chimp reacts like he’s trying to protect his friends from the unusual sight because he charges and slams the window. A charge is usually meant to intimidate or demonstrate superiority.

It sure seems like the chimps are both curious and alarmed at the sight of the artificial limb, likely because it is so different from the sight of a leg.

Apes have human-like responses to many things. One orangutan had a very different reaction to a woman’s burns and asked to see them. Another orangutan asked a mother to show her her newborn baby.

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