Orangutan Surprises Woman With Burns With His Unexpected Reaction

An orangutan’s reaction to seeing a burn victim has captured everyone’s attention after the inquisitive ape asks to see her scars.

In the video, recorded at the Indiana Zoo, Darci Miller and her fiancĂ© went over to see Rocky the orangutan, but weren’t expecting him to be as curious of them as they were of him.

“The orangutan was completely interested in my burn scars and recent surgery sights,” said Miller of the encounter.

Rocky points to her bandages, and it becomes quickly clear that he is asking her to see what’s underneath. Miller obliges and peels the gauze away to which Rocky looks closely at her burn marks.

Rocky then looks straight into her eyes and it’s as if he is acknowledging that he understands that she was hurt. In return, Miller puts her hand up to the glass to thank him.

“I am a burn survivor from 2015, yes it has its ups and downs, but this particular day made me feel really good about myself,” Miller said of meeting Rocky.

Watch the incredible moment in the video below. It’s truly amazing to see Rocky’s interaction. Orangutans share 97% of humans’ DNA, but it also seems they share our ability to be compassionate too.

This meeting reminds me of another orangutan, Rajang, and his tender reaction when he saw pregnant woman. Click and watch it here.

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