Orangutan Asks Family To See Their Newborn Baby In Touching Moment At Zoo

The Hittle family has a recent outing to the Louisville Zoo to look at the animals. But they weren’t expecting one of the animals to be so interested in looking at them.

Amber is an orangutan at the Zoo. She is known for her “playful personality” and when she spotted Dakota Hittle holding his 3-month-old baby, Judah, she gestured to him to bring Judah closer to the glass so she could get a closer look.

Dakota’s wife, Shalena, and Judah’s big brother watched as Judah was brought closer to the glass. In the cute video the family shared on TikTok, Amber can be seen pointing to Judah and looking at him.

@shalenahittle35 The orangutan asked to see our 2 week old 🥹 #orangutan #baby #love #newborn #2weeksold #animal #animals #family #ape #monkey ♬ Here Comes the Sun – Relaxing Instrumental Music

It’s not the first time Amber’s interaction with a child has been caught on video.

Amber also wanted to see a 3-month-old baby that came to the zoo and gestured to the mother to give her a closer look.

@kaylaajaylenn 🥹🥹 #fyp ♬ original sound – kaylaa 🦋

Amber was born at the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 15, 1987 and came to Louisville in 1987.

The zoo writes on their website, “She enjoys interacting with guests and may tap the glass to grab the attention of those nearby, pointing out sparkling accessories, brightly-colored fingernails, or gesturing towards a purse or backpack to see what’s inside.” Or in this case of these two videos, babies!

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