Afghan Hound Wows The Crowd With Incredible Dancing Routine At Crufts Dog Show

For the first time ever at Crufts, we were treated to an Afghan Hound performing in the Heelwork To Music Competition, and boy did he deliver! Fabio and his handler Jennifer were crowd favourites with their stunning performance to the music of Oliver and Company.

When Fabian the Afghan Hound entered the auditorium with his handler Jennifer, it marked the first time ever that the breed had performed in the Heelwork To Music Competition at Crufts.

The pair put on an incredible performance at the UK’s largest dog show and wowed the crowd again and again. It was clear from the way that Fabio’s curly tail never stopped wagging to the way he pranced, danced that he was having a lot of fun! At one point, he even yawns when he’s stretching to get up – what an actor! We have to say our jaws dropped when we saw that.

Take a look at the enchanting performance below:

Many viewers have been stunned and delighted that it’s an Afghan Hound performing! One viewer commented, “I showed Afghans for years and this is EXCEPTIONAL!”

One other person concurred, writing, “Wow! To be able to train an Afghan like that- truly exceptional.”

The reason it’s exceptional is that Afghan’s are quite known for being an exceptionally stubborn and willful breed to train.

“The way I gasped when they announced an Afghan Hound was coming out,” exclaimed one viewer. True magic – congratulations!!!”

Jennifer, Fabio’s handler and human, responded, writing, “Thank you so much I am very proud of him!!!!”

Said another viewer, “Never ever seen an Afghan even sit on command. That was awesome. She deserves extra for [the dog] being an Afghan.”

A dog parent of Afghans joked, “We showed this to our two Afghans to remind them of what they are capable of.”

Others thought Fabio lived up to his name. “My goodness his name is Fabio and he’s as glamorous as the model he’s named after,” said one person.

“What a fun performance that matched so well to the dog. Fabio is graceful and elegant … and just wanted to sleep just a bit longer,” noted another.

Jennifer has her own YouTube channel and shared a video of Fabio at his first ever competition three years ago – an agility competition in Canada (where they live).

She wrote, “I think he did fantastic being so new with little training. Seeing how he has only run a few beginner courses and this competition is at the highest master level I think this is a great start to see how well he will do as he grows and when I have more time to train him. Good job Fabio. I am proud of you.”

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