Football Players Brave Freezing Floodwaters To Rescue Mom and Her Puppies Left Behind After Evacuation

Brady Oliveira refused to be deterred by the floodwaters surrounding a home miles away. That’s because there was a mama and her puppies that needed to be rescued. The football player with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League is an avid animal lover and dog rescuer. When a town in the Canadian province of Winnipeg was hard hit with flooding in a past winter, he set out to save the dogs. He got an assist from his friend and fellow CFL player Shai. “I received an alert about a dog & her 2 pups being left on a property where the community was evacuating due to the severe flooding,” Brady wrote on his TikTok channel.

It would prove to be a daunting rescue as they had to wade through icy water to get to the dog and her puppies who got stranded in the storm when their owners evacuated and left them behind. The home was in the distance and the freezing water passed Brady’s knees and seeped over and into his boots. It was a long, long way to get to the property but they ensured safe passage by using poles. Watch what happens when they finally arrive at the home to find the mama dog outside and unable to get to her pups inside.

By the time the men reach the house Brady’s feet were freezing cold. Fortunately, he had gotten the keys to the house to get inside and found two puppies locked in the bathroom where they had been for 24 plus hours. Once they had the dogs “in hand” they waded back to the truck but it still took 30 minutes to get safely to the warm truck!

Brady had mild hypothermia but for him it was worth it. Brady says that rescue work is what he loves. “It’s a strong passion of mine! I’m going to keep being a voice for the voiceless till the day I die,” he wrote.

The puppies and mama went to foster families and their new lives. Brady says that all the dogs are “living the good life now.”

@brady.oliveira One of the craziest rescue missions that I’ve been on! I received an alert about a dog & her 2 pups being left on a property where the community was evacuating due to the severe flooding! Pups were locked in the bathroom for 24+ hours covered in their own urine & fecies. Mom was locked outside with nowhere to go! Walking in the ice cold flood waters & getting hypothermia was one for the books! Welcome to the goodlife #heartwearming #abandoneddogs #dogrescuer #dogrescuestory #savedogslives ♬ original sound – Brady Oliveira Dog Rescuer

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