Baseball Team Hilariously Recreates Dirty Dancing Scene in Middle of Game

The Savannah Bananas decided to take a break from playing baseball to recreate the memorable “lift scene” from the popular movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ and it had the crowd laughing and cheering.

The team shared the video and wrote, “”We may or may not have watched Dirty Dancing one too many times…” to which we can answer “Is it possible to watch Dirty Dancing too many times?”

Watch their entertaining performance below:

The Savannah Bananas are an exhibition barnstorming baseball team based in Savannah, Georgia and are winning fans outside of their hometown. One viewer wrote after watching the video, “Amazing and hilarious at the same time. I want more.”

They often pair up against the Party Animals (team in hot pink) and it’s clear from their other performances that dance and baseball may not be the first combination you think of but it totally works!

And when they play baseball, they also have some “tricks” up their sleeves that are a lot of fun to watch.

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