Tigers Who Lived In Abandoned Train Car For 15 Years Finally Freed

Tigers abandoned by a circus in Argentina ended up in a train car where they stayed caged and trapped for 15 years. They could only look at the grass surrounding them. They received no stimulation and would only be fed once a week. FOUR Paws International heard about the big cats predicament and knew the situation was urgent.

They arranged to take the tigers and fly time to Lions Rock Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa, one of the best big cat sanctuaries in the world. Then the moment came to release the tigers into their new outdoor habitat. They were about to touch grass for the very first time. They were about to be finally free…

The tigers were reluctant to leave their cages at first. But once they ventured outside, the tigers who lived together for so long in an old train wagon touched noses and comforted one another, ready to begin their new adventure together. Now the tigers are exploring their new home and learning what it is to roam freely outdoors.

FOUR PAWS mentioned on Facebook that there were actually four “train” tigers – Messi, Gustavo, Mafalda and Sandro – who were rescued by Dr. Amir Khalil and his team back in February, so this rescue effort was even more special as two other tigers were saved from a terrible life.

The tigers are adapting well to their new home. Messi “enjoys his own company and space while still adjusting to these new surroundings.” Mafalda and Gustavo enjoy playing games in the sunshine and Sandro is getting the much-needed health care he needs.

To see a more detailed account of their long trip to their new home, you can watch the video below:

To find out more about the rescue work FOUR PAWS international does, visit their website.

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