T-Ball Kid’s Dance To The Batter’s Box Spreads Joy Around The Globe

A 5-year-old T-ball player unexpectedly went viral around the world after his walk-up to the batter’s box was filmed by his mom. Ben Sadlowski from Manteca, California, doesn’t just walk over to the plate, he has his very own goofy walk-up dance that is as original as it gets!

His mom, Monica Sadlowski, captured her son’s routine and posted it on TikTok. His “walk-up” routine is definitely a crowd pleaser and his mom’s video quickly garnered millions of views.

@beerfarts209 T-Ball is so pure #northgatelittleleague #tball #cubs #bennyblueeyes #ledgend #idonotowntherightstothismusic ♬ original sound – Monstie

When the ball finally arrives on the tee, Ben connects with the ball in a great swing and is off and running around the bases.

Monica says her son’s dance caught her a little off guard, but not too much. “Every last game, we do a walkout song for each player,” she explained to CBS Sacremento. “[I] wasn’t expecting him to do all that but it’s not uncommon for him. That’s his own thing. He’s just a goofy guy.”

“It fills my heart with so much joy that our son has made so many people happy. He loves so much and I’m glad he can spread his joy just being him,” she said.

Here’s a Tweet of Monica’s video if anyone has trouble viewing the videos above and because we can’t get enough of Ben’s boogie-dancing baseball!

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