Street Dogs Team Up To Rob A Toy Store And It’s All Caught On Camera

It was a brazen daylight theft. A large plush toy stolen from the store shelves by three suspects. The culprits? Three dogs.

Surveillance cameras recently caught the clever canines ganging up to rob Arma─čan, a toy store located at the open-air Oasis Mall in the city of Bodrum in Turkey.

In the video, three street dogs arrive outside of the store. Two of the dogs are seen sniffing outside of the store’s sliding doors. Scouting it out perhaps? Shortly after, the one large tan dog (and the apparent chief) walks through the shop’s front door while his two friends stand out front.

It may look random, but the chief dog and his black-and-white furred friend exchange looks look and wag their tails. It must be a signal because what happens next goes off like a well-executed plan!

The black-and-white dog runs through the sliding doors after the third dog assists in opening them. He joins the chief while the third pup stands watch outside. There’s a flurry of movement and suddenly the chief dog runs off with a large plush toy in his mouth. Then, all three dash away.

Here’s the video of the gang’s daring theft:

One of the store’s employees, Faruk Can, was interviewed later about the unlikely band of thieves. He said the dogs took advantage of the staff being distracted helping a customer to steal the toy. He also revealed that the dogs had not just stolen a toy but a plush dog toy. How perfect is that? Staff did pursue the dogs but later found it ripped apart in a nearby park.

Can told the MYNet news channel that it wasn’t the first time the furry shoplifters have targeted the store.

The dogs weren’t successful before, but this time they carried out the theft so expertly that Can couldn’t help but smile at the dogs’ cleverness despite the loss of a rather costly toy (around $20).

In response to some people thinking the dogs were searching for food, residents of the Turkish town later commented on Facebook that the dogs are being fed (as many street dogs in Turkey are). This can only mean one thing, they concluded. The dogs are simply being naughty!

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