Stray Dog Helps Save His Injured Friend But Months Later Both Are Still Looking For A Home

A stray dog lay in the middle of the road for six hours in an effort to help his injured friend. Thankfully, his message was heard when Samantha Zimmer and her fiancé, George Dix, saw a post on Facebook about the pair of dogs and immediately drove out to rescue them.

The dogs were in a rural area outside of Houston, Texas and it took Dix and Zimmer some time to locate the dogs. But they spotted the uninjured dog (who they named Corey) sitting on the road. The dog was trying to signal to Zimmer that his friend was hurt. That’s when they spotted “Matthew” lying in the ditch. The injured dog looked up at them and wagged his tail expectantly.

The couple decided it would be wise to secure Corey first and used some sausages to get him into their car. Once they had him, they went for Matthew but they had to be careful. Matthew had a chipped tooth, abrasions and what looked like a fractured leg, leading them to believe he had been struck by a car on his side. Dix carefully lifted Matthew to the car and they rushed him to hospital.

Fortunately, Matthew pulled through, but both dogs had heartworm and would need to be fostered. Zimmer and Dix volunteer as fosters for Lola’s Lucky Day and thankfully were able to find foster homes for the two dogs.

On the day Matthew was released from hospital, they made sure that his buddy was there to greet him. It was a heartwarming moment.

stray dog best friends reunite

“​Matthew was so excited to see Corey,” Zimmer told the Dodo. “The moment he realized it was his bud Corey, he started wagging his tail. He wanted to get up and closer to Corey, so he was scooting. We had to get Matthew to sit down and relax. Eventually, they both settled in for a nap for the car ride to Matthew’s foster home.”

The two dogs quickly went viral with major news outlets picking up the dogs’ story. But even though their rescue videos have been viewed millions of times, Corey and Matthew are still looking for a forever home! (Contrary to the narration in the videos, the dogs are still adoptable!)

After spending some time with fosters in Texas, the dogs have now travelled to Lola’s Lucky Day-Wisconsin where they are hoping to find families that will give them the wonderful lives they deserve.

If you are interested in giving them a home, visit their adopt-a-pet profiles – Corey and Matthew.

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