Discarded Spanish Greyhound Who Slipped Her Noose Now Has A Chance To Love

Valentina was found with a broken noose around her neck. The broken rope meant someone had tried to hang her but didn’t succeed and because of that, the rescued Spanish Greyhound has a second chance at life.

Galgos, or Spanish Greynhounds are bred so they can be used during the hunting season in Spain after which the dogs are abandoned and killed. It happens to an estimated 50,000 dogs every year!

Dog rescue organizations do their best to save as many dogs as they can. Luckily for Valentina, she was rescued by one of them and eventually adopted by a family in the Netherlands.

One of the rescues is doing their best to shut down the practice in Spain, which is the only European country where it is allowed to hunt with galgos. AnimalsToday.nl writes, “Many dogs are now being adopted in European countries, but this, in the end, offers no solution to the problem. The hunt itself must be banned. You can show your support by signing their petition here.

Thankfully, Valentina will know what love feels like. And thankfully, she’s not the only Galgos to feel love. Watch this heartwarming video of Roky upon his arrival to the Netherlands to meet his new family.

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