Lonely Pit Bull Befriends Cranky Senior Pittie

When Ginger the Pit Bull moved to a new neighborhood with her mom she was immediately sad and lonely. At her old home she had been a really sociable dog and used to playing with her doggy friends every day, says her mom Kassidi. But now the young dog was all alone. That is until she noticed Chloe.

But it wasn’t love at first sight for Chloe, another Pit Bull who lived next door. Chloe was adopted from the shelter by Cherelle, but the senior pittie hadn’t been properly socialized around other dogs. So when Chloe first met Ginger she tried to snap at her.

Cherelle thought for sure Kassidi wouldn’t want Ginger around Chloe anymore, but her neighbour wanted to give the pair another chance.

At their second meeting Chloe and Ginger were off leash and instantly got along! Now Ginger is Chloe’s first real canine friend and she’s got renewed “puppy” energy around Ginger. And as for Ginger, she’s thrilled and no longer sad.

The two love to visit and play with each other and would do so all day long if they could.

As Kassidi says in the video, it’s just a whole lot of love.

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